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DVD - GRASSMEN - It's In The Blood

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On an island situated east of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Northern Province where wet weather grows the greenest grass on the planet, a dedicated group of men battle with the sodden ground, steep hills, narrow roads and tight yards to harvest thousands of acres of lush green silage.  These are Northern Ireland's GRASSMEN.  Interviews with three contractors from different locations in Ulster explain how they became GRASSMEN.  In addition they each talk about the current machinery they use, experiences best forgotten and what drives them to persevere with the grass.

Runtime: 1h 3min

Featuring: R. & G. McKnight, E. Gamble & Sons and Porter Contracts - interviews with each provides the vocal narration to the footage of their kit in action. Unseen footage is in this DVD, mixed with some of our youtube highlights.

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excellent dvd its nice to watch a machinery dvd without having to listen to a boring commutator reading off a sheet or having to listen to farmer dan and curtis magee singin through it! keep up the good work boys keep er lit!! 


Firstly moover, i have to say what a pleasure it was to watch grassmen when i recieved my copy.It was so well put together and interviewing the contractors was the making of it.i have loads of machinery DVDs, which where made up your way and by far yours is the best and most enjoyable.
Secondly, your DVDs should come with a health warning!!!...........................because after watching them all you do i want to is buy a silage rig!!!!
Cheers man

Can't wait to the next one!!

Can't wait to the next one!! brilliant production! top quality footage, interesting insight, relative narrator and in a different league for this genre of dvd! needa get a t shirt bought is the next of it! :D

Niall Murphy

Well.I got my t-shirts a while back but i knew i was going to get the DVD so im replying now. I've followed your videos on youtube and when i read a comment about you bringing out a DVD i had to get it. The DVD was better than any other. There was no narrattor that read of a sheet but one that asked questions that really got you interested, you were able to see into the machinary choice not just the name on it.  Also the last part was unreal, a common sight at second cut.  Keep up the good work . . look foward to the next one soon.

Steven Palmer

Brilliant dvd hopefully you can make some more in the future.


Really enjoyed the DVD and so do my 4yr and 2yr old wee boys, all the time!!!
I've helped out JD Townley+Son at the Agri Contracting for a number of years and can relate to what the contributers on the DVD are saying.
Would like to see Gamble Bros Krone Big X 650 and one of the NI outfits running NH FR9080's featured in the next one and come on down to North Down and take a clip or two of Townleys 2010 Claas 970 eating a BIG mouthful of grass/maize!!!  
Andy McFarland

great dvd

great dvd - brilliant to get an insight into what the contractor thinks

Hilary Dicks

10/10 excellent, Deere is the best!!!!! "definately a better built tractor"

Barclay Jordan

After watching the preview of this production on youtube I thought that I just had to order a copy. When I recieved my copy I had to watch it that night. During the first few minutes of watching the production I thought it was very well recorded and put together by getting an insight into the contractor. As it went on I liked the way there was a bit of communication between the contractor and not like most modern day productions that has a boring narrator talking the whole way through it. And also getting the contractors personal view on their fleet is also a very good idea. This is definately one of the best agricultural DVD's that i have purchased. Keep up the good work.

Jerome O'Connell

Very well produced and edited. Gives a good spread of all the equipment used in a silage outfit. Good commentry.

Brian Coppinger

That was the best dvd i'vs got in a good while, i hope there is more to come.

Simon Bulter

The dvd is great and thanks for the very fast delivery greatly appreciated.

A Deakin

I thought the DVD was very well put to gether and loved the interviews with the contractors, the images of the Contractor and his team is a really nice touch. Im a big fan of your videos on YouTube so to find you had done a DVD I just had to have it. Being a Contractor my self over in England I would love to have something like this done.

John Clark

Just watched the dvd and have to say one of the best films i have watched. I'm a fellow contractor and found it great to watch how others do things differently once again top vid.

the 46

ya i know boss but always remember DRIVE HER LIKE YOU STOLE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!