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DVD - GRASSMEN - Fulla The Pipe

Price: £15.00
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Grassmen 'fulla the pipe’ is like no other production.  Using unique camera angles and real time action you will experience the highlights of 2010’s first cut silage season.  You will be taken on a journey through some of Northern Ireland’s most spectacular countryside by three of the province's largest contracting fleets.  The diversity of the machinery will ensure that there is something to suit every tractor enthusiast.  The reality of silage contracting is honestly and accurately portrayed in this documentary, with the weather and inevitable breakdowns being just some of the challenges faced.  More than just machinery, the characters amongst the Grassmen emerge as they share the highs, the lows and the humour of the season.  This DVD provides a snap shot of the art of silage contracting in the 21st century.

Runtime: 2h 8min

Featuring: Gamble Bros, McKavanagh Bros and Porter Contracts

Full English subtitles included (optional display through menus or remote control)

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The best machinery dvd I ever

The best machinery dvd I ever bought for years, its absolutely brilliant!!!! Love the Class four rotor rake, what a brilliant bit of kit. My brother likes the dvd as well. always had an interest in silage machinery and went to Grass and Muck 2011 in Stoneleigh park

J McCamley

All they guys in canada that ive shown it to think its 1 of a kind and quite honestly it is pure beaut

10 New Hollands at full tap

10 New Hollands at full tap and A crazy Pilot called Jimmy Doc catching loads better than the England cricket team......Amazing DVD


Best silage dvd out there!love the in cab interveiws gives a real insite in to the grass season.keep ere lit! fulla da pipe

I borrowed it off my mate a

I borrowed it off my mate a bit back and its so good I have just bought it for my self. first class footage :D

Joyce Graham

got dvd, hoody and tee.. all looking great! thanks for all your help!

Drive her like you stole her

Amazing DVD. Couldn't be improved at all. Can't wait until next one. Jimmy the legend!!!

Deane Burrell

Keep them DVDs coming lads, even the wife enjoyed the last one!

Kieran Convery

got my hoodie- hat- dvd they are classs!! thanks lads!!!!

Endo Kearney

Serious DVD. Loads of new hollands goodlads!!!! Pity bout the Massey fergusons tho, kinda ruined the DVD :'( but overall very impressive :D

Ryan Welsh

gr8 dvd made my xmas ;)

Donna Wilson

Unreal dvd :D just need a few more john deeres wreckin round! Made my xmas day watchin it :D

Mitchell Leeburn

brilliant dvd especially with all the newhollands

John Anderson

5 Stars all the way! Great entertainment throughout? all 2hrs 5minutes...Nothing left out.. Highly Recommended for anyone related to Farming or Agriculture


Just finished watchin your dvd's for the second time, and have to say they are without doubt two of the best farming videos? going, far better than other productions!! You give a real indepth look at the contractors with plenty of info about the tractors & machinery in use. Its real inspiring stuff. I hope its just the start of more videos to come on youtube & on dvd, as im sure lots of other enthusiasts like myself will be putting in an order! cheers.

Andrew Simpson

Just thought i would congratulate you on the fulla the pipe dvd. received mine just before christmas. absolutely brilliant. well done. i imagine it was alot of work involved. keep up the good work. look forward to any future dvds.

Tanya Laird

Wot a dvd - can i just say u named Jimmy Doc well, wot a legand - more dvds from Mover is definitely required but do it rite and get the John Deere Green shining bright, "if its blue it WON'T do, if it's red leave it in the shed- If its Green its a mean machine x

Deane Coalter

got my dvd that is class

Paul Maher

got fulla the pipe and the hoody yesterday some dvd very impressed. pity wasn't many john deeres in it really but i enjoyed the comment "sometimes even newhollands have to be rescued by a deere " :P hope you have the video camera out again for 2011

Chris Murphy

got my hoody and fulla the pipe dvd - the best dvd i've ever seen
Drive her like you stole her !!

Alex Drummer Linnington

Just got mine, best dvd Ive ever had!

Ross Mckelliget

exellent dvds couldnt fault em one bit well worth the wait

Stephen Heslip

drive er like u stole er!

Jordan Quigg

That is the best DVD i've ever seen!!! it beats all them other ones that other people make, the depressin country music in them annoy me...But Grassmen, SHE IS SOME DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 OUTTA 10!!!!

This DVD is fantastic! Keep

This DVD is fantastic! Keep the DVD's coming lads...

Marty Corrigan

got fulla da pipe yesterday! mitey dvd! 'if ya cant howl her yal have ta roll her'' :L

Decky Doherty

best dvd i ever watched :D:D il rate her 10 outta 10

Stephen Heslip

got my dvd and unreal footage,my brother works 4 Mckavanagh brothers

Colm Dineen

Some serious dvds both its in the blood and fulla the pipe! keep the grassmen dvds comin haha :)

Kyle Bingham

Drive her like you stole her and if You cant hold her You'll just havr to roll her class dvd lads keep up the good work !!!

Jane Brown

Love the new new dvd....Gamble Bros rule...Have to say i think iam one of the luckiest girls about to have sat in beside Andrew in the Big X and Cherry in the 6480...but out of the two i would rather have the Big X...Wish use all the best boys yous do a grt job xxx

Lyndsey Allen

im a countrygirl and it was the best silage dvd ive watched in ages. wasn't well last night so put grassmen inte the laptop and watched it in bed. unreal! camera angles are epic, loved when it shows ye the suspension on the kane trailers and when it shows the grass goin into the header on the new holland and class. have love the way tommy goes on and 'the bean'. had to laugh at capper getting most of the abuse and then lyin in the swathe. :D pure loved it :)

Hannah Lilburn

ok so im a girl and i even love grassmen, shows how good the dvd is! funniest part has to be capper getting smothered in the row of grass LOL but its brilliant

James Stewart

i seen the clip for 'grassmen its in the blood' and i just thought it was amazing and just had to get it but then i seen the 'fulla the pipe' clips one day and i just loved it at first sight i loved the clips that much i watched them over and over but then on the 28th of november my dvd arrived and i had to watch it th...ere and then i and just thought to myself this is a simply marvellous dvd and the best i have ever seen and the best i will ever see!i have watched 3 times since! so i have to take my hat off to the producers and to keep up the good work and hope there is more in the pipeline........and remember always to have her 'fulla the pipe!'

Eoin O Keeffe

new dvd is just amazing lad :P tis mint :D

James Kelly

grass men are class they are fulla thee pipe ;)

Stuart Hanna

Grassmen DVD is the best DVD ever.....................Fulla the Pipe

William Casey

the new dvd is unreal the best dvd i have see sine the big john deere dvd the camera angles ar seriuous ye put in lot of work into the dvd i can tell keep the good work up well worth the 15 euro

Kyle Crooks

absoluty fantastic, the camera action,interviews and gd clean fun is awesome. Theeee best farming DVD ever brought to our screens

Matthew Hutchinson

i thought the new grassmen dvd was excellent

Simon Reid

brilliant... cant really say much more :)

Finbar Byrne

thought it was good on the night but every time you watch it it just gets better and better

David Jackson

the best film out there

Gillian Patterson

We have bought a lot of the tractor dvds over the years but nothing compares to this one keep her lit boys lol

Mark McEvoy

without a doubt the best silage DVD out!!

Martin Coleman

Your first dvd was very good davy porter stood out in a class interview . Full of the pipe introduced us to pat mc knight who impressed me but I think one man captured all our imagination as theres a bit of him in us all the one and only " the legend "

Ross 'Grain' Freeman

Phenominal nuff said

Jonny Smith

Serious good show!!!

Randall Mckeown

top class best dvd out

William Simpson

The first dvd was great ,fulla the pipe is awesome lads,i never heard truer words lads (ITS IN THE BLOOD),great dvds,so cant wait 2 c wots in the pipeline next,keep up the great work lads.boy ya can near smell the grass from even watchn it.