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Driver CPC

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Where do I get training in Northern Ireland?

The good news is that if you're reading this page you've already found the most competitive firm in Northern Ireland for CPC.  If you're looking for alternative providers, remember that all Driver CPC training must be JAUPT approved.

Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a European Union wide training directive, which has been introduced “to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety”.  The new legislation became effective from 10th September 2009 for lorry drivers of vehicles over 3.5T.  Drivers have nothing to fear from the new legislation with no compulsory examination involved, there is no pass or fail to CPC.  Practical aspects of the job are covered in a classroom environment, with a practical half module available for those who want in-cab training.  For all the in's and out's of CPC consult the FAQ.  Keep reading below to find out how Moover can help and general CPC advice.

How do i contact Moover?

Use our Contact Form or telephone: 07881916155

Why choose Moover for your CPC needs?

We provide JAUPT approved training and all our CPC trainers are RTITB qualified LGV Instructors allowing them to teach an in-cab module if required.

Location - Our training will always be on-site or in a suitable local venue depending on your situation.  The classroom environment for training will be relaxed and informal.  If you provide a venue for on-site training we can lower the cost.  The room should be free from external distractions.  It must be capable of seating a maximum of 12 comfortably, with some desk space for each candidate.  The trainer needs to be visible from all seats and there should be a suitable wall or screen for overhead projection.

Dates - Moover offers Saturday training.  We can also split a 7 hour course over two evenings provided they are run consecutively.

Cost - With so many variables, it isn't practical to quote prices online but we guarantee we are one of the most competitvely priced CPC trainers within Northern Ireland.  We can't be aware of what every provider is charging, but our research shows we're at the right end of the scale.  Contact us to get an exact price.  When getting CPC quotes from others, don't forget to ask if the price includes the government database upload fees and if the price includes VAT.

Take a look through our website and if any of our content or other services interest you we will be happy to discuss these over a cup of tea at break time on the CPC training days.


What does Moover recommend for me?

We recommend that all drivers get into a habit of attending 1 CPC training day annually.  This will reduce the impact of the cost, spreading it over the five year renewal period.  Also remember that CPC is not a one time training commitment, you will have to complete another 35 hours in the five years following September 10th 2014.  It's much simpler to look at it as a requirement to do 7 hours per year.  Obviously your position within the industry will influence how your approach the planning of your or your employees CPC training.  Read the appropriate section which best describes your circumstances: Employed Driver, Independent Driver, Medium Fleet or Agency & Large Fleet or Agency.


Employed Driver - If your employer is planning your CPC, don't be afraid to question details of who is providing training and the cost to you.  If you are expected to pay the cost, there is no legal obligation for you to use the employer setup, this is 'Driver' CPC after all.  If you're concerned about the cost, read the Independent Driver section below and contact us to get competitively priced training.  If Moover is involved with your employer you can be sure you're getting the best deal.


Owner Operator / Independent Driver - Your only option is to organise your own CPC training.  You are effectively self employed and so you are responsible for your own legalities.  The process:

Instant Training:

  • Contact us and register an interest.
  • If you just want to attend a date anywhere as soon as possible, we can book you a place on the next training event.
  • We'll keep you on file and contact you a year later about your next CPC day (of course we can do it sooner if you wish).

Value Training:

  • Contact us and register an interest.
  • We'll establish where you are based and add your name to the pot for a training day based locally in your area - it makes sense for one trainer to travel to your area for the day than have all the candidates come to us.  It also means that at the end of the day you'll be near home. 
  • We can offer the most competitive price when our class has the maximum of 12 attending.  We'll contact you once we've got enough candidates in your area to run a training day.
  • We'll keep you on file and contact you a year later about your next CPC day (of course we can do it sooner if you wish).
  • Naturally it will be a more relaxed environment if some of the attendees know each other, so if you want to register a group of colleagues together we're more than happy to accommodate you all at the same training day.


Medium Fleet / Agency - Your company runs multiple vehicles and has several drivers all needing CPC before 2014.  The costs of establishing your own training scheme isn't viable.  There are two options for you as an employer:

  1. "It's Driver CPC, not employer CPC.  My drivers can look after their own legalities just like they do with their licence".  This option is acceptable but limits your control of operations as we approach the deadline.  Can you afford to have all your drivers book 5 days leave in August 2014 as they clamber to do their 35 hours?  That's if they can find a trainer with the spaces available.  If you do choose this route at least inform your employees of your decision now to give them sufficient time to get prepared.  Pass them our contact details and we'll look after them.
  2. "I want to support my drivers who are key assets".  There are benefits to this approach.  By bringing in Moover to look after your workforce you can achieve the most competitive rates for your employees CPC, while having complete knowledge your staff are legal.  No surprises are waiting for you when the 2014 deadline hits.  It is completely your decision if you wish to subsidise the cost partially, completely or not at all.  Approached annually as Moover recommends, a CPC subsidy could be used as a nice little incentive to reward staff and maintain loyalty.  Training can be done at a convenient time on-site or locally off-site.  Staff can be trained as a group or attend individually at Moover training days.


Large Fleet / Agency - Your company runs a large number of vehicles and has a large number of drivers all needing CPC before 2014.  The costs of establishing your own training scheme may be viable and the haulage associations are pushing this angle with large operators.  Have you considered every aspect of that cost?

  1. Developing CPC Training Materials & annual JAUPT course approval
  2. Annual JAUPT approved training center fee
  3. Train the trainer course fee (eg Annual / Bi-Annual / ...)
  4. Training center overheads
  5. Training materials overheads
  6. Trainer time & wages
  7. Administration & documentation for JAUPT audit
  8. IT costs to maintain driver database

Before committing to the above or even when its time to renew some of those fees, have you considered outsourcing to Moover?  We can handle all of the above on-site just like you had originally planned without the hastle or cost.  You know you can't just leave it up to drivers to plan the training, it needs to fit around your daily logistics scheduling.  It will have to be structured to prevent any sudden rise in the need for staff training days, taking available drivers out of the loop.  Our competitive pricing structure is at least worth considering so contact us to see if we can help.